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The Loyola Phoenix: Book Review

Book Review of Whiplash

by Thea DiLeonardi

There is often talk of how bad the economy is right now and of how difficult it is for graduating college students to find jobs. These issues have permeated the minds of college students everywhere, causing stress and uncertainty in career plans. But we tend to forget how easy we have it compared to the generation of college students who were affected by the Vietnam War in 1960s and ‘70s.

In his book, Whiplash, Denis O’Neill recounts the experience of four Dartmouth College seniors and their fraternity brothers (and one fraternity sister) as they deal with the whirlwind of change the war brings to their final year of college.

To most, college is the time to be young and crazy and free. For the graduating class of 1970, college was a mix of getting all the classic college experiences out of their systems and being forced to grow up and become part of an unpopular war. Read the Full Article »

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About the Author

Denis R. O'Neill began publishing articles and short stories in Sports Illustrated, The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, Fly Rod & Reel, Antiques, American Photographer and others. His first original screenplay, "The River Wild", was produced in 1994. His second screenplay, "A Shot At Glory" was released in 2001. He recently self-published: "WHIPLASH – When the Vietnam War rolled a Hand Grenade into the Animal House". Several other projects, including a novelization of "The River Wild", are waiting on deck.

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